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Wir heißen Ihnen herzlich willkommen, Ihre China Selbstfahrerreisen-Erlebnisse mit mit anderen Leuten, die sich auch für eine China Selbstfahrerreise interessieren, zu teilen. Bitte schicken Sie Ihre China Selbstfahrerreisen-Erlebnisse zu oder zum Mailbox von unserem Reiseberater, wer Ihnen bei der Erfüllung Ihres Traums von einer China Selbstfahrerreise hilft. Und es freut uns sehr darauf, einige Fotos von Ihrer China Selbstfahrerreise zu erhalten. Bitte erlauben Sie uns, die Fotos auf unserer Webseite anzukleben.

We are now staying in Vang Vien in Laos. We are still enjoying our return trip back but on a different route. This is our 25th day already and everyday we see new things, meet friendly and helpful people.

Please find attached photos in 4 parts because I am afraid the internet in this Laos hotel is not so good.

On behalf of the WAZILAS, we wish to offer our sincere gratitude and thanks to both of you who has help arranged this fantastic and dramatic journey for us. We really enjoyed every minute of it and experience the inner beauty and lifestyle of China on our classic old
bikes. Both of you have contributed a lot in making this journey a success for us.

 As Shen knows, repairing bikes on the road is part of our fun in classic bike adventure trips. The unexpected cold weather in Chenggong, the first earthquake experience in Jinghong, the challenging road 213 and the difficulty in getting directions due to ever changing road works and directions all contributes to the fun and adventure which we all seek.

Overall, the most important is that all of us enter and exit China safely and you all are lucky to have such a big and vast fertile country with so many industrious citizens.

Liu, we have passed a T-shirt and banner to Shen. He will send to you as our token of appreciation for planning and arranging our China trip.

Reisetitel: Self Drive Adventure by Old Timer Motorbike in Yunnan
Buchungsnummer: WEITU160224DE
Kunde: Woon, Malaysia
Startdatum der Reise: 23. März 2011
Reisedauer: 10 Tage
Reiseroute: Mohan – Mengla - Jinghong Mojiang – Kunming – Yuanjiang – Jinghong - Mohan

Thank you for your mail. Kindly excuse our late reply. Mongolia is not a great internet destination.

Indeed we had a wonderfull trip thru China. The whole tour was perfectly organised. So all formalities were done in no time.

Special thanks to our guide Sugi who really did an excellent job during the trip. Thanks to him it was a real pleasure to travel. Considerung that this is our 2nd selfdrive trip thru China we really have to admit that our guide's initative, motivation and knowledge as well as his nice personality made this trip a great success. We can definitely recommend him to other travellers.

Concerning the deposit, we kindly ask you to transfer it to our account after having it received from the concerned authorities.

Should you need any further information please contact us.

With Kind regards


Reisetitel: Self Driving Tour crossing through China from Laos to Mongolia
Buchungsnummer: WEITU170605CH
Kunde: Mr. Mayer, Swasiland
Startdatum der Reise: 5. Juni 2017
Reisedauer: 22 Tage
Reiseroute: Mohan - Yuanyang - Jianshui - Kunming - Panzhihua - Xichang - Leshan - Chengdu - Sanxingdui - Guangyuan - Hanzhou - Xian - Pingyao - Taiyuan - Yanmenguan - Hunyuan - Datong - Great Wall at Badaling - Beijing - Ulanqab – Erlianhaote
Liebes Organisationsteam,
ich möchte mich herzlich bedanken für die tolle Organisationsarbeit bei unserer Motorradreise von der Mongolei durch China nach Korea. Es hat einfach alles problemlos funktioniert, unser Guide Herr Zhang war sehr nett und Frau Guo in Deutschland war einfach immer ansprechbar und kompetent. Wir sind rundum zufrieden und dankbar und können dieses Team vollauf weiterempfehlen. Gerne könnt ihr unseren Reiseblog bei Bedarf verlinken, ein paar zusätzliche Fotos unserer Reise schicken wir dann separat vom PC.


Reisetitel: Selbstfahrerreise durch China
Buchungsnummer: WEITU180620AT
Kunde: Dr. Mosch-Kang, Österreich
Startdatum der Reise: 20. Juni 2018
Reisedauer: 3 Tage
Reiseroute: Erenhot - Tianjin


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