Self-driving Private Tour Crossing China from Kyrghyzstan to Laos 26.09 - 20 .11.2016 (1)

Self-driving Private Tour Crossing China from Kyrghyzstan to Laos 26.09 - 20 .11.2016 (1)

- Cooking Course in Sichuan Cuisine Museum, Chengdu
Von Sun Hui • 30.06.2017

On Oct 26, 2016, our clients, who are Swiss gourmets, learned Sichuan cuisine cooking course at the Museum of Sichuan Cuisine, Pixian, Chengdu. They learned two famous and popular Sichuan dishes: Mapo Tofu (bean curd) and Jiaozi (Dumplings). After the cooking class, they acquired the certificates of the Museum of Sichuan Cuisine. They love Sichuan dishes very much, and we’d like to share with you some more information about the Sichuan dishes:

Touring in Sichuan, eating is pleasant, enjoyable and full of characteristics.

Sichuan has been a wonderful place since ancient times. The Land of Aboundance with fertile lands, adequate rivers, abundant foods and products, has brought up so many outstanding people. Since the roads of Sichuan were hard and dangerous, it was less influenced by wars in historical times, so Sichuan natives could create and develop their eating culture with unique feature during the long history. And there is a saying goes "Best Eating in Sichuan" and "Wonderful Sapor in Sichuan".

As one of the four cuisines of China, Sichuan Cuisine is particularly unique flavored and famous for rich and various tastes. It usually employs spicy seasonings but not only spicy-flavored, it forms a complex taste after mixture, based on the six basic tastes of Sichuan Cuisine. The characteristic of its flavor is to give prominence to the main flavor, and the method is concentrating on a certain flavor. Sichuan Cuisine usually concentrates one of salty-sweet, sour-spicy or spice flavor onto one dish, and then adds other ingredients to make the main flavor prominent, such as Tender Stewed Beef, Salty Fish, etc.

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